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Keep Love Alive 
Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY)

Bittersweet thoughts come and go and take your mood so high, so low. Like the wave following the moon that the shore will always seem to ignore. Lonely dreams are for lonely dreamers but feed the inspiration and keep love alive, through years and against fate, taking the strangest ways not to go off on a tangent. Love has no price and especially no pride, and for whoever believes time is on his side. Might be such a strange intro for a post dedicated to a girl who lightheartedly started her career this season (read some slightly older lines here) but we didnt't begin this way for no reason. Of course there are no bittersweet feelings to have when it comes to Allaire and her recent achievement during New York fashion week, and no fear to feel for her near future. The machine is on, somehow, and whatever will be will be, fingers crossed and high hopes as always. But this state of mind, this neverending mood-switch back and forth from low to high, on then off, is the regular path for anyone who feels involved in great projects. The fear of faux pas on the way, the fragile hopes when you see a light after you tiptoed for long in the dark, the necessity to never expect and dream instead. Yeah, that's all bittersweet in the word's truest meaning as it's all sweet excitement on one hand yet always expose you to the edge of sadness. A beautiful yet tough experience, never too far from emotional overload. Then again, we are not trying to associate directly these words with Allaire's story. We have no clue what's in her mind or in her agents thoughts right now except they should feel the thrill, even stronger as these photographs above were taken by our all-time favorite Chadwick Tyler and getting your portraits done by him at such an early stage of a career is becoming a rare treat these days. But that brings us back to our intro, to the notion of fragility and this incomparable feeling when you handle something precious and pure. When you really care and step away from the usual randomness, when you are ready to sell your soul to turn your wildest dreams and strongest beliefs into reality. It's a long one-way trip and some might get scared (everybody, for a moment at least), it's not always a pleasure cruise but the excitement coming along with the efforts and the short yet bright satisfaction after every important step are worth to keep the love alive. All the way and every single day.

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