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    Paulina Rademacher @ Modelwerk (Germany) At the crossroads of his work for a model agency and his geniune love for photography, Sebastian Koeller seems to be driven by one thing: creativity. Or maybe three things after all, as you could add passion and inspiration on the list. This connection between two 'jobs' is a gift for anyone aiming to create something that makes sense when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together, a unique opportunity when you're creating your own vision. For his first entry as a... [Lire la suite]
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Next Door, Next Day

      Zhanna @ Muse (NY) Back from a short break that wasn't a break at all, let's just say finding a moment to rest was impossible for us these last three days and writing is a skill that requires a minimum of calm. This grey morning is a little more peaceful and it seems there is nothing to rush about so far. We always insist on "so far" since you never know what's going to happen next fifteen minutes. Pretty much the same as in a model's career. If you make abstraction of the past, you've got two times: now and in a... [Lire la suite]
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La Veronika Vera

      Veronika @ New Face MNG (Slovakia) Just tried to relax yesterday afternoon and evening after days of nonstop work and guess what, we failed at it. If we will spend one day without working at all is a total mystery for us right now and already off topic since we're officially back on tracks on Monday morning, waking up with the sun and writing as fast as our fingers can run on the keyboard. The model who literally came to disturb our lazy Sunday evening is Veronika, young sprout straight from Slovakia who just... [Lire la suite]
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Golden Grey

        Dean @ Muse (NY) Were thinking how about the title all afternoon, to give the right tune to this article and finally realised all was in the color. Or colors, or shades. Of grey. Why shall we call these photographs black and white when they are a soft and subtle combination of greys. But that would be a limited analyse to stop here, as it's not only a simple story of color shades. Or rather say their aspect embrace their atmosphere to creat some kind of harmony, visual peace hiding emotions and uncovering... [Lire la suite]
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More Now

      Kelly Mittendorf @ Marilyn (NY) Third time this week, third topic about Kelly Mittendorf and another opportunity to show another side of her work. You already saw her in a quiet mood on her images by Nando Esparza and had a glimpse at her recent digitals where we let you imagine another part of the story was on its way. And here we go. Kelly by Billy Kidd, capturing the crazy side yet not in the way you could expect. Extreme features would certainly work well for some spooky mood but the result is surprisingly... [Lire la suite]
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Ta Da

    Tatum @ Ginny Edwards Development (USA) In the middle of the night. To see the dawn but fell asleep on the desk, dreaming on the keyboard and finally saw the sun at ten in the morning. Already warm and shining bright. Never make plans, then. No plan is the best plan ever and this should be the rule for modeling careers too. An idea of what can be done is necessary but planning is delusion. The fashion world goes on, day in day out and doesn't stop its circle just to make you able to reach your target. You've got to find... [Lire la suite]
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Can't Stop

            Kelly Mittendorf @ Marilyn (NY) Had a chance to meet with Nando Esparza last month, at his place in New York and if you're not too messy to write down an address correctly (as we are), you will surely enjoy the little trip up to Amsterdam Avenue then enjoy the photographer's inspiration even more. From his way to work, the detail that striked us most was his will to uncover everything others seem to hide and the patient yet easy-going manner he has to shoot until he captures the greatest.... [Lire la suite]
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Rocking and Whirling

          Lisa-Marie Lipscomb @ Robert Black Agency / Ford Arizona (USA) Like a wind of newness, like the weather today, like the imaginary wave crossing our minds. If our first post was deep (yet fully optimistic), our mood goes with newborn Spring this afternoon. Good vibrations, then. And good news for whoever is looking for fresh inspiration as well: today's second post features a new model, Lisa-Marie Lipscomb and a photographer we hope to count among the names that regularly appear on FDIB, Danno Watts.... [Lire la suite]
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Keep Love Alive

      Allaire Heisig @ Ford (NY) Bittersweet thoughts come and go and take your mood so high, so low. Like the wave following the moon that the shore will always seem to ignore. Lonely dreams are for lonely dreamers but feed the inspiration and keep love alive, through years and against fate, taking the strangest ways not to go off on a tangent. Love has no price and especially no pride, and for whoever believes time is on his side. Might be such a strange intro for a post dedicated to a girl who lightheartedly started... [Lire la suite]
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Where You Find It

        Yulia Terentieva @ New York Models (NY) and Nathalie (Paris) Despite the basic fact this kind of studio stories will never get us totally thrilled, there is something refreshing and a lot of high energy in this editorial from most recent issue of UK Elle. And quite a good dose of creativity to turn what could have totally uninspiring into a vivid spread that turns on your mood at the first second. It's spring and the atmosphere to this short story goes with it, both for the first sunny days of March and... [Lire la suite]
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