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Naturally  Daria Werbowy @ IMG

In a world of stone, love will never be the same (again). In a softer world, it wouldn't be otherwise. Regardless of the fact everything surrounding us is stone or roses, cold or warm, rain or sun, love switches from one form to another relentlessly following the mood of the heart and eye. And the important is to stay natural, geniune and never get lost in transformations. No processed love, raw yet sweet does it better as always. Maybe that was the message from this spread from Canadian magazine simply called Fashion or that's what we want to see in it (oh, the eye of the beholder still does a lot when it comes to visual thrills and personal visions). Natural Woman says the title and it's indeed a very natural Daria Werbowy that pops up there. Or maybe 'pop up' is not the right term for it.

Rather say she gently appears as one vision from a dream. Either for the viewer who opens the magazine and Daria herself who seems to have shot that story by Alex Cayley after waking up early in the morning just out of her own dreams. Far from the overloads of effects used in so many editorials or campaigns she is familiar with, these few pages show a totally natural and un(re)touched. In quite an awkward manner on some images but that's the deal my dear and she totally rocks it, rocks the idea of what a model who is already famous for years can and should do. Endless questioning about status and what it should mean, visually speaking. And the answer might be the ability to rock the boat at any level and any stage in a career. Rock it till the day we die. View more of the editorial, here.

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