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Diamonds Are Silver In Love 
Ruxanda @ Mandarina (Romania), Nathalie (Paris)

No drumrolls and trumpets, no violins but a couple of lyrics and a few fresh pictures. Polaroids or digital for instance and the next one from Mandarina Models on our list. After two years following the young Romanian agency and its rise among the international modeling landscape, it's a pleasure to showcase another piece of its story. Relentless scouting going hand in hand with aggressive and smart policy when it comes to placements and management are a priority and if success is hard to achieve, it's a geniune plus to make sure you keep all the ingredients at the right place in your recipe. And mix them, shake them till it finally explode. Enough politics, let's have a few lines on Ruxanda herself. 19-years-old and 5'9"5 (177) tall, starting almost out of the blue and flying to Paris at this moment to join Nathalie there. We could go on a little more on her personality and that kind of stuff but think we will leave this to the two sets of test shots coming soon. And leave it to your own imagination to understand that bloody romantic title (and we bet you hear the violins now).

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  • She seems so fragile, it gives her something special

    Posté par Olga, 18-04-11 à 09:32 PM

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