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Midnight Lady 
Ronja @ New York Models (NY)

Midnight drama but no broken dreams so all should be fine. Next time we'll try dancing under the pale moonlight, might get better results but that's a secret for now. And totally off-topic whihc is not our goal at eleven in the morning (leaving this to next night). Topic today is Ronja by Nando Esparza. We already wrote much on Nando's work and our feelings about it so it will be Ronja in the spotlights now. And must say she totally deserves it. Met the 19-years-old young lady from Switzerland last February in New York City while doing the fashion week coverage for her agency there, New York Models. Felt like she is at some kind of crossroads in her career, which she started full-time not so long ago saying before it was too early, too young. Pretty awesome to hear this from the model herself, gives even more credit to what she is doing now with passion for it and a dose of excitement that makes her sparkly personality even more endearing. As always when it comes to features that have high importance words are missing a little bit... but meeting Ronja was one of the highlights of this co-work with New York Models, geniunely. And same could be said about her work with Nando as the result is basically gorgeous and gives the feeling two visions were able to meet. As said in our pre-feature, good luck for future achievements.

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  • nando is killin & ronja is rockin it.
    such a great set.


    Posté par danno watts, 12-04-11 à 06:49 PM
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