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The Ringing Of Your Laughter 
Jamilla @ Micha Models (The Netherlands)

This game can't last forever. Why? Because everything needs to end or transform. Morph. And who knows in which form FDIB will morph tomorrow. Happy mood on one hand, bittersweet on the other. And who knows (God knows?) what will be the ending. Hope for some fireworks but somehow we are still far enough from the end not to think or talk about it. And here comes Jamilla from Micha Models, in the Netherlands. Here comes another Dutch blondie that doesn't look like other dutch blondes. We're not going to sell you the same old cold soup of the edge or the twist or whatever they call it. Just got a different vibe from Jamilla's look than could get from various others. Featured many dutchies these days and don't want to feed the trend, just looking for faces we like and can find words to express this feeling. And there she arrived by chance in our inbox this morning. The way it happens, with no premeditation and no red thread behind the theme. No planning, no plotting. Head over heels as always when it comes to writing late at night. All photographs by Carin Verbruggen.

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  • she's gorgeous!!

    I wish for a model like that

    Posté par martha, 24-04-11 à 09:27 PM

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