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Naomi Preizler @ NEXT

"Joeyzine" or just "Joey." as its website says. It's the third issue of this online fashion journal, not really an UFO on the radar but not your comon rising publication. Priority is photography (or the other way round) and it shows just by reading the names of contributors how much visual appeal and creativity are key words there: this third issue humbly named No.3 and subtitled by the sole mention of friends counts among its contributing photographers Alexandra Carr, David Shama and Joey's very own force Aaron Richter. Everytime we have an opportunity to share a few lines about a young magazine we're glad to do it but it's an even pleasure when quality, talent and vision are in the mix as well. Of course the energy and excitement certainly matter too and would make us less picky in some case but the third issue of Joey found its own rythm, from minimalist look to consistent contents. It's especially Alexandra Carr's story (styling by April Johnson) that caught our attention. Following Alexandra's work for a few years already and being very fond of the atmospheres she creates in her photogrphs it was exactly the story from the mag we didn't want to miss. The editorial itself will probably not count as a milestone in fashion photography history but we live for the moment and need to enjoy what comes in front of ours when the opportunity happens. Let our eye get caught and taste the atmosphere of the visuals without caring about technique and theories. The kind of breezes of fresh air you wish you had every signle sunny morning. Download the whole issue here.

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