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Let's Dance (In A Brand New World) 
Sasha Pivovarova @ IMG

That's been the topic of almost all day. Let's dance and have some joy. No way to keep brewing the same old thoughts back and forth, from east to west and melt them in a crazy mix. Just light as bubbles, because we all need such feeling from time to time. And those are probably the pictures that bring this idea to life, bright fluorescent mood, somewhere between a recent past and close future, a moment dedicated to the instant without thoughts (or afterthoughts, or regrets, or plans, or predictions). Build it now (the future), build it with the current mood and what takes you high enough to hold on tight. Building the foundation with what embodies your project in your eyes, regardless of the real meanings those who created these visuals had in mind (would we ever know and would it really mean something at all?). It's big time to gather all good energy available and the source is not the point. Only the effect(s), only what happens in your brains and veins when you keep your eyes looking at the screen or page more than thirty seconds matters. The rest is future history. Sasha Pivovarova in Vogue Paris by the best duet the magazine ever gathered: Hans Feurer and FDIB's beloved Marie Chaix.

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  • I was amazed by these pictures in Vogue (just as I was by the jewelry edito)!
    Sasha, the colors, the light and even the hair on the legs (yes I think it's a good thing to notice and it looks cool), it's just perfect ! <3

    Posté par Olga, 28-04-11 à 09:19 PM

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