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Lisanne @ Micha Models (The Netherlands)

As fast as lightning and as quiet as blue sky on a summer day (it's only Spring and it's cloudy and windy now at that's not that bad): first time in a while we do it this way and want to see a sign, a little light and the end of the tunnel. We made the decision to feature Lisanne as soon as we got the materials in our mails and it hasn't been very usual lately. Not that others wouldn't have deserved it too and it could be more for the sake of the exercise than to mark she is that high above the masses (even if she doesn't look so common as you may have noticed). Fingers running on the keyboard and cold minded thoughts transforming into words on the screen. Wanted to feel the instant and took the opportunity when read she is not signed abroad yet, took it as a short mission and enjoyed doing so instead of taking five days of reflection and random inspiration, mixing it for two more days before getting any publishable result. The young lady from Micha Models is 5'11 (180) and that's pretty much all we can say right now that the photographs above don't tell. And writing more would be an insult to the openly telegraphic style of this message (not that telegraphic already but well...). [more in the pipeline so to say].

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    If I could change I'd like to be like her !

    Posté par Olga, 28-04-11 à 09:14 PM
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    Another beauty from the Netherlands, so many amazing girl there.
    @Lisanne, freckless are always welcome <3

    Posté par Agata, 29-04-11 à 04:40 PM

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