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One Month To Countdown
Polina Ponomareva @ VG Models (Russia)
Alevtina Zyablitskaya @ VG Models (Russia)

One month or even one month minus one day. June will be the last drop, the last step. Certainly no climax but a good month to post some extras or retrospective reviews, to plan some last collaborations with agencies we had a good time working with and hope we will have enough opportunities time wise to drop a note on everyone falling into this category. Thinking of all the ways to make these last plans happen but have to manage future projects first so what will be will and sorry in advance for the lack of updates. Today is VG Model Management's turn, not the first mother agency we've ever worked with but these last few months they have been a pleasure to work with, putting an extra attention to the quality of materials they forwarded and always being open to suggestions and conversation. We found natural to offer the russian boutique a last shot with their newest rookies on board: Polina Ponomareva (at 5'9) and Alevtina Zyablitskaya (at 5'9"5). Time and pressure lacks to write a full notice on each young lady but pictures can speak for themselves and they seem to make a good combo. Hope everybody loves the show.

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