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Brooklyn, November 2010. Saturday afternoon, on the way to Chadwick Tyler's place. Some CK underwear lost on the sidewalk. If we were in touch with him since the very beginning of FDIB, that was the first opportunity to meet him in person, where he works. This didn't turn into an interview, did it already in the past and many others did it too (even recent interviews of him seem countless these days) but had time to talk, drink... tap water on the photographer's sofa. Time went fast that afternoon and had to postpone the next meeting twice before leaving and rushing to the closest metro station. Such memories are priceless when you realise you are writing one of the last posts ever to be written on this page and give all your best efforts to pick only the topics that really matter, featuring the people that really count and have counted since a long time, especially those you appreciate both as persons and professionals.

Chadwick's work caught our attention very naturally, with no intention in mind. FDIB was at its very beginning and had no clear goal at that time so we just used to browse around and pick what speaks to our hearts and eyes. His distincitive aesthetic left a mark from the first second we saw one of his photographs and since then, we can't say we stopped featuring and supporting his work for a minute. Its evolution, its milestones, the inspiration that never faded, the editorials published by some of our all-time favorite magazines and the Tiberius exhibition. The interview we mentioned in the first paragraph also. His steps and ours went through the same path quite often and it's pretty needless to remind it's always a pleasure to write another article, short or longer on Chadwick Tyler. As FDIB is coming to its own end and we are about to start new projects, the idea of a retrospective of all Chadwick's work posted here came to our minds as a suitable ending. But at the moment we write, the future has much more importance than the past (was it ever different for us?) and after hearing about Chadwick's next project, we thought it's on this note we should end. Working on his first art book to be released next year, we weren't surprised that one of the key-elements of the contents will be the characters themselves, the women in front of the camera, their personality and what they express. All the reasons that made us love his work from day one and why we'll always love it. That's not fashion, that's beyond and nobody does it better.

PS: Were talking about countless interviews and we must confess we didn't read all of them till the end. Though, this one had an interesting part to read this morning, as the excerpt sounded like a sign of destiny: "When I started shooting, I wanted to shoot 3 girls. The only one I have left on that list is Lily Cole."

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