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Spleening Around






Moving in circles or twists, you'd rather groom your gloom and forget about french fries and driving licenses. Plenty of girls, looking for fun at bargain price, running towards wooden walls and falling like spoiled lemons off their tree. One against storms and bolts shaking a reality that gets more and more bizarre at every step made away from the main road. Another walking her sadness on the grassy hills that never recovered from urban scars. And Valerija Kelava (here photographed by Benjamin Lennox for L'Express Styles), icon of the alternative path, far from the spotlights that burn skins and brains, close to incandescent genius when it comes to visual streams traveling straight from paper to the eye. You may be an etrurian goddess or an angel walking on wet pavements looking for something to fulfil a tired empty stomach, you always get a geniune chance to turn geniunely mad, for the hopeless best. Spinning, spinning...

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