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Zuzanning Stars





The grass looked greener on the other side, the twin river. Another island we're afraid of, another name we can't whisper, another couple letters we're not able to stutter. And we'll keep on babbling, and we'll keep on swinging, singing the songs that cross our minds, our roasted brains keep on liking what they bring to us, daily, endlessly. The wheel may turn, we may be out of tune, out of path, out of project. Who, who's the only who that gets all the love and gifts for himself, or herself, or itself, to indulge with, to dive deep, and say the green water of the ocean tastes as good as a plate of sushis? Who is real and who keeps on whipping under masks, as pretty as can be, we're just uneducated toys who get the story behind the stories. We love fireworks, and we dig. And the Earth gets deeper as we dig. Dig out, dig up. And the Earth looks brighter than all Moons. And we would be mad dogs to ignore Edie Campbell and Mica Arganaraz by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Vogue Paris.

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