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Wanted some Lambrusco, flows of it, rivers. Wanted some and went away to get it, buy it, steal it if needed. Went to the first supermarket, lovely as it is, when nobody's around because it's too early. A woman in uniform said there is no bottle left till the afternoon, then went away. Bye, lovely face, lovely words, lovely grin. Took another bus, another tramway, saw this world, face to face, saw the disaster and the cherry-bone babes. Control me, take my purse, take my love away and sell it on e-bay. Lambrusco was there, was smiling like a clown that has lost his girlfriend, lots of teeth kissing eyes and so on. Cheap souls for sale, and fish and chips, granted with a dark bier. Get it? Go home. Screw it? Walk alone. But the world has no time, no blood to lose. A single drop and you're out. While she's in: Afrodita (Oui Management) who turns nowhere into an everywhere. Nothing else seems to matter.

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