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Keep it easy, keep it going, nosy babies make noisy maybes. Smokey skies are the only ceiling nearby, and the grey blade of a sword is my sole shadow when I wander under the vanished sun. I hold my sins in my shivering arms, the same way others walk their soul around like their dog and smile. But that's no children's smiles, that's just white and bright, plain and empty, and I'm only looking for serendipity. We've crossed some angry oceans, escaped alive from caved in tunnels, talked bad to some mountains and kept sailing, digging, climbing, kept all easier than it seemed at first sight. We yelled to fight then fought through silence, waiting for the dirty heads to roll as they were unable to read between the lines. Fortune wings are the twin mothers of fortuitous fortitude, keep dreaming awake to avoid all the filth on these walls that aren't yours, built up your intellectual stamina and nurture your imaginations.

Sarah Moon doesn't have to reinvent her style, colors, soft atmospheres and backgrounds. The way she captures each person moving or stopping in front of her camera is worth all vain formal changes. Every new photograph is the rise of a new horizon offered to our eyes, and this time this delightfully blured infinity right in front of us is called Damaris Goddrie, and was published in Vogue Germany.

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