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Happy Sorrows




Leave me as there's no tomorrow, live me 'cause there's no tomorrow, hang me on your neck, wear me on your wrist. Nothing will happen, anyway, as nothing is our everyday, nobody exists, nobody exits, nobody knows the void as I do. Hundreds of times, I tried to let go, to escape forever but I wasn't able to imagine what could and would be my way out. Tunnels are too dark, and seas too deep, tubs are too nice to drown myself, when champagne flows. We love glamour much more than clamour, we love glitz, we drink till the morning dews drip, on our skins, on our hair and make us tipsy, again. Then we tiptoe in wet grass, look at the river, walk and whistle. I like fast, and unconnected, I like all that won't last. I like these winds, only passing by. Let us go to Liverpool, go back or reach unknown shores for the very first time. Let us flirt with the idea, let us not cry anymore. Tears are overpriced, and there is only sixty eternities within the same hour.

One of our undying loves we wish to see more often: Dovile Virsilaite, here for Citizen K.

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