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Polyester Doll




I've got your perfume in my nostrils and it doesn't want to leave. Got it in my soul, it made me hypnotized. Had your leather glove in my hand, and your taste doesn't want to let me go. You – and I know there is thousands of so-called 'you' written or dropped on this page – offered me such memories, that I have a hard time to get rid of myself. With a little light, I made the decision to survive, some more weeks that could turn into years. We'll decide as all our alls go by. We'll see how heat turns itself on and what options left we have to fight against that cold, that cold around. Let me skydive and fall into the sweet trap of the warm abysses of your eyes.

Not as perfect as my twisted reality but relentlessly ideal (and idealistic) on glossy paper is Anja Rubik, right here by Harley Weir in Be my Baby for Vogue Paris Dizzember 2015. Feels properly good to drop (by) another positive note on Vogue Paris these days. Feels properly good, and obviously well.

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