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Two Beers and more than a Half




Two beers and a half, that's what it takes to get the bubbles back, and to follow the inspiration going through, to be in tune with the moon. They say I'm just like a friend of mine, may they spoil their tongue and drool some dirt, together, and a half. I can't buy your damned dreams, I'm fated to try, only try, but I do like fire when it burns. There is no joker, no cocaine around, just happy water that makes lovely brains. Where's my coat, where's my skin, where is my underwear as I have to begin, with something earthly while I put a worm in my only ear. I don't want some second-hand tear, I'm fleeing away from wet ways. Jumping myself, fooling myself, I'm a mushroom and a widow. And you're a symphony. Of love, of course.

On the half of a planet I live (on, twice), you too, we live, a girl called Valerija Kelava met a camera, and the man behind the camera used to be called Benjamin Lennox. It's for Numéro, that means number for french ears. You've got mine.

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