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Once upon a time, lived a man who wanted to get out of his life, get rid of it, get out of his and this world(s) and knit his own cloud to look from above at the latest news from earth like a scientist looks at a procession of ants and a poet looks at his ten toes. Now, that very same guy would say: freak me out, take me out. If he's craving for an extra dose of late tenderness or for a full shoot of fireballs, I own no clue about it. But he feels some twisted kind of hunger, the kind that squeezes you from stomach to heart to lungs to trachea to brain. The lonesome cowboy is getting tired of riding hangover horses. That man with red eyes needs a kick, no matter where and how, he begs for a shock. A lovely shock.

If I had such a lovely shock earlier, looking at an editorial out of a mainstream mag like Vogue UK before, I'd feel better with what my eyes think today. But, let's say, it's never too late to get thrilled, one way or a bloody other, and this collaboration between Damaris Goddrie and Tyrone Lebon has enough guts to wake up any sleepy retina.

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