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Dairy Tales




dq4I'm fooling myself on a late evening, dreaming awake of countryside from the heights of my suburban ninth floor, because the grass seems greener surrounding a tiny village than in the small park down the road. I guess the same happens everytime I take a trip away, where cows sing at night during summer months and birds and fearless foxes say hello to break the silence of the dawn. Then come dreams of city lights, pavements, neverending rumbling. What you see and hear is what you get and you wish you got the opposite instead.

Fashion has always been related to urban ways of life, of various kind, and has always seemend fantasizing about an idyllic rural imagery, about flowers in bloom and freedom. Industrial farming has rarely been a part of fashion photography, regardless if the editorial targets a realistic, almost documentary, point of view or tries to build a romantic vision out of raw modernity as it often does with urban landscapes and trends. The story from Vogue Nippon, with its quirky scenes right in between daydream and daily routine, offers less common images of fashion pictures meeting countryside. Portrayed by Michal Pudelka are (our darling) Kadri Vahersalu, Clara Overgaard and Lærke Simone.

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