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Hieronymus Cadillac





Looking through the eyes, the eyes of LOVE (Magazine, of course): a portrait of Anna Cleveland as the mistress of an oneiric (even more than dreamlike, actually) place out of space, out of time and eras. Perhaps the most accomplished and unforgettable piece of fashion art of the last few months if not more. The entire story, photographed by a Tim Walker always true to his aesthetics yet never short of imagination to renew his own style, follows the same path and appears to be a loud statement, a catchy reminder of what beauty, genuine beauty is and should always remain. Miles away from the sum of godawful criterias that sometimes describe a face or body by an almost mathematical manner, every page of the editorial claims the exact opposite: beauty grows like wild flowers do, as it comes, how it wants, in every possible direction and knows no master, no rule, no standard. And let alone the eye of the beholder. Beauty tosses you, turns you, returns you, teases you, squeezes you and, at the most unexpected moment, hits you back another time.

The complete list of all the talented artists featured in this story edited by Katie Grand is too long and too strong to be displayed here, so we just can invite you to rush to the nearest store selling LOVE to discover these names, just like Melanie Gaydos, Yana Dobrolyubova or Anne Lise Maulin along with Grace Bol and Cierra Skye (plus a double dose of Guinevere van Seenus to indulge with).

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