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Going Slightly Sane





Childlike empresses rule no more their ivory towers, but the view on top floor is too bright for lifeless dolls. Every monster goes back to its closet, some day or the other, and the first one passing by locks the door and throws away the key. Then people use to call every plain-jane a chameleon, with half a pound of make up on the face the trick may work. Every disaster comes to its end, but the cycle goes on its way, and all the ice-queens for a day may return to the fridge. The same applies to boney babies, doe-eyed damsels and quirky grasshoppers, when the curtain falls down on the stage and the fragile lights, turn off. Let's heat the hair, or bleach the brow – hype is like some holy smoke. But when the flame is dead, the games are done.

In this everchanging landscape, many will quiver like leaves in september. Some because they feel the excitement is rising to fever pitch, others as they watch their lucky stars loose their shine, then let the gamble go. Rare are those who remain serene and stand the test of time to reach the status of icon that no trend could ever remove. Needless to remind you Daria Werbowy belongs to this extra class, needless to summarize her career – it would be far too long as she has done all a model can do, from the biggest campaigns and covers to more intimist photography. And, as fate would have it, it's in current french Marie-Claire that her latest piece of work appears to be. Marie-Claire, by the way, rather considered as mainstream, proves its ability to suprise us where some allegdedly higher-level publications fail to do it (and fail to renew their recipe). The fabulous four above were shot by Van Mossevelde+N and styled by Anne-Sophie Thomas.

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