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A Stomach is our hearts (and Eric Clapton knows those are legions)





Her looks will never fail. Whose? Both. Kind of a quirky question, it's the atmosphere that counts, über alles. The lil' thing giving you goosebumps when you care or dare to take a glimpse at the glossy pages, between cheese and pear. Lonely afternoon turns into full fiesta and flowers grow up from nowhere, life is as rottenly beautiful as it is strange. By the way, it may be the first time we drop a note on Irina Shayk and a first knows no last. This also goes for Steffy Argelich, and goes even further (thinking of some further blurbs). Eighties in the veins, future in an eye and a half, things go on and there's not a single sign sayin' stop. We just love crashes breeding crushes.

What makes the newspapers go mad makes the old papers go glad. Enjoy. Blood and guts, it's your meal, it's your happiness flat on a plate. To diss is not to despise and even if our words weren't the keenest out of this late, we still swallow, eat and enjoy some Vogue Paris candies. Merci, Emma-nu-ma-nu-elle. Alt.

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