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Meet Katie: up Beside That Red Firelight (The Skin She's In)




We've never been fond of overnight makeovers for no reason but when a butterly suddenly goes out of its chrysalis to fly straight ahead to our stomach (and we were bloody ravenous lately), we're not the kind to resist too long before melting from head to toe. And it's very few to say that Katie Moore just went out of her shell when she opened Alexander Wang's latest collection earlier this month in New York City. When others blush, she just ignites and the meaning of redhead has never been so accurate, so bright, so flaming, so... flamboyant, thank to the brilliant work of Guido Palau (one of the rare backstage souls to remember the meaning of 'hello' smiling in the middle of a crowd of faceless/faithless ghosts) and colorist Victoria Hunter. Katie was the ideal deal to wake up while trying – and we're just weighing this word while writing – to watch a few pictures from the shows. Too many of them, too many models, too many of these at too many of those. And, all of a sudden, Wang's first look caught our tired eyes and Miss Moore was bound to monopolize our attention for the rest of the day. It's been a long, long while we haven't shared any lonely pola but these digitals (from Trump Model Management) can quietly (or fiercely?) compete with several editorials of the moment. A good way to wait for the next pics or performances of hers to come.

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