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Sexy Siouxsie (NSFFW*)





*Not Safe For Fashion Week. So, we start to hear about the newest Prada exclusive bookings, start to read unknown names and we'll have a look once the bottle of beer is empty. For now, we're more dazzled by one of Harley Weir's editorials from the latest issue of POP Magazine starring Suzi Leenaars. The tiny Aussie has enough punch to stun you as if you were dead drunk and forget the shows must go on, forget about the swanky lanky silhouettes tiptoeing glamourously in their stilettos. If all these runway rookies look like tighrope walkers, Suzi is the kind of total perfomer who makes the grasshoppers of the season appear as awkward as toddlers trying themselves at ballet dancing. Swollen heads and ankles probably need to chill out a bit and take a break, a breath, showtime is just for a couple week of frenzy and all about holy haze while golden glossies are forever, printed diamonds. Tonight, we are young and tonight is still young too, and we're not close to give up working for now. And, even if we get higher than the Empire State building, we'll try to stay as brave and bright as our admired ones.

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