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Houdini in Love





We could get rid of all our addictions except this one: faces. Well, and tobacco, let's face it, but ciggies might be as thin and leggy as a model, they vanish within the next five minutes and are as quickly forgotten as they were smoked. Meanwhile visages don't wither that fast and leave no ashes, just scars in our minds and this hurts so good. Never squander, feel what happens, say Rumpelstiltskin the fastest you can and smolder after burning. We may be chasing monsters under our beds or digging for some unknown treasure, all we hope to find is a face, a gaze, a grin or a sexy smirk, in every quirky place, at every uneven moment.

You may think we're married to Guido Palau and Harley Weir as their names appear in our last two items here. But that's just pure chance and good fortune as the hair wizard and the lenswoman were both involved in our recent blurbs, the first for being the mastermind behind the adventurous new dos of Katie Moore and Peyton Knight (here from an editorial out of M Le Monde) and the second for capturing some of the best portraits lately. And today you have the two of them in one story.

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