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From a random kebab-house to Karl Lagerfeld via some stops at some fast-food restaurant, the station's piano and two yellow letterboxes, Daria Werbowy's trip in Paris, Gare du Nord, has more to do with our own experiences of the french capital city than what an editor-in-chief of some foreign Vogue might see from the backseat of her (or his) car avec chauffeur. The smell of wet pavements, the legions of kamikaze pigeons, the grumpy tobacconists and the nasty grannies willing to kill you with their umbrella – all these little things that belong to fashion weeks as much as afternoons on the sofa of a luxury hotel, dinners we'll never guess the exact price or champagne at eleven in the morning after our first show. Dealing with la crème de la crème of worldwide fashion while surviving day-in, day-out thank to a limited amount of dough in a tiny purse only added more poetry to eight days of beauty frenzy and overall eccentricity. Crafted as inspired living postcards by Jürgen Teller for POP Magazine's newest issue.

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