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Drinking Away the Twenty-Ninth in the Best Mood Available





And we had some help, gorgeous help to let vanish the bad thoughts and last night's mares. Fertile imaginations can produce hysterically funny moments or plain torments – from panthers in panties to cashiers in love under neon showers. At the exact hour nightbirds go to sleep or just wake up from coal tar and wrack, we try our hardest to keep our heads up and ears alive. Eyes are what they are and do not need a single tad of support. They see, they sweep, they send the message and slip away to paradises. More or less artificial ones.

One of our handmade heavens can be found on glossy paper, when not on a stray screen. A daily fix that makes the absent sunshine keener than ever and cigarettes smell like peaches grown on purpose for obviously late earlybirds in a hurry. Today's not-so-forbidden fruit comes from Wallpaper Magazine and tastes as high sugar with a shot of spice. Attractive, addictive, seductive. Pure. Try to watch dozens of faces from nine to nine, from dawn till dusk and the other way around, and tell us how easy or hard it is to find one that gets you stuck/struck in delight. Our goodness – one of the latest ladies to storm our eyes is Chiara Mazzoleni. Right here, right now, by Cedric Bihr, put in full style by the irreplaceable Isabelle Kontoure.

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