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Anatomies of Kaiserins in Apnoea





Although we have no oil wells, we do have wells of imagination. Or just not. Just nothing but bits of paper, plastic, iron, copper and glass. Nicotine in and out, and a picture-perfect lack of oxygen. It's all in the details, the hell is in these details, that's a useful tip to remember while cruising, on a desert day. Took some time off, to mend or get even sicker, left some time to the eyes to feel released of these visions of anonymous wannabe empresses, marching under the spotlights.

Here no wannabes are, no trinket-queenies. Here, these ladies above are all imperial in their deserts of details. Here is everything you may ask for, except dreamy shnitties, pumpkin pies and fruitless juices. Empty temples, neons, avenues and cornucopia they can't even guess.Then the careless goddesses of these places, the beauties, they arrived. These faces we either worship or just like to see, this way and not another. This atmosphere, the touch, the gentle and irreverent touch. The Inez and Vinoodh sig, their plasma. A treat to eat with the eyes in Self Service. Nearest issue, if you may dare to ask us.

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