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Mittelscharf Melody





No matter if she's never made it on the top of our list when it comes to editorial wunderkinds, Caroline Brasch Nielsen shows enough power right here to make us hungry for a nonstop breakfast at eight in the evening. Possibly, the thing is her real appeal has never met the right lensperson, the one who can capture her the way she should be and offer her a golden path to give hundred percent of what remained too long hidden deep inside her sexy guts, boiling and begging to explode and ravish four eyes ready for visual romance. This is how we like her – with scars, cigs, teeth and wild, wild wavy hair. This is how we could burry the hatchet and fall in full love. This is why we party tonight and shove a couple beers down our throats to celebrate the unexpected and hotly welcome beauty experience we're going through. Photographed (almost always) naked with summer in her mouth by Jonas Unger, the story's told by Hobo Magazine, one to remember and keep under the elbow (here and there, please), for features including some late Patricia Schmid and Tati Cotliar spicy stuff, some wolves and some Norman Reedus. Worthy.

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