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Meow Meow (Iffy Afternoon)





We were chasing around looking for materials of a totally different face when we stumbled upon these images as we landed on Silja Magg's page. Our sweet memories of many pictures she took gave us the kick to dig deeper, check further and take some time off to indulge ourselves with some more or less recent work of hers. Was a very smart and lovely way to wait for Miu Miu's show-list to be released and, even if these little gold nuggets aren't exactly what one would call brand new (roughly two years, or so), we felt allowed to think some Viktoria Sasonkina flavors weren't the most irrelevent idea of the month. At all.

As names started to be known, the model-thirsty internet crowd began complaining about Miuccia's, Katie's and/or Anna's casting decisions, some because their favorite catwalkers weren't at the gig while others may have destroyed their screens and keyboards after seeing young women they didn't want to appear on that coveted podium. We couldn't care less. We will not criticize this or that choice, we're already glad to see Anna Cleveland on board (expected) and the good surprises came from Melodie Vaxelaire and Julia Banas. Wouldn't exchange them for another double dose of Pavlova opening and closing. Period. Meanwhile, those who suffer from disappointement or even despair today might be the same who were rejoicing, celebrating after discovering the latest cover-girl of Vogue Italia, whose performance on glossy paper leaves us cold as public benches in November. And feeling insentive in front of such a high-level magazine's Mach issue seems more eye-aching, heartbreaking to us than a few names or faces we don't like walking on a renowned runway. We just love it when Steven Meisel is inspired and his muse of the moment is blossoming while working with him. We just can remember when such things happen, like in September 2009 if this rings a bell to anyone.

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