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Pulque, Mescall y Cerveza





The pun was too fun to go through the gun. Bentley Mescall (by Felix Cooper) is our number one from these ones and the competition was tough enough to let her shine full force: Mica Arganaraz (by Sebastien Faena) first of all then Kayla Scott (by Rory van Millingen) and Staz Lindes (by Bjorn Loss). Whether Carine (Roitfeld) has lost her mojo or not isn't exactly our question today and she seemingly still own enough of her past balls to offer to our eyes a bunch of delicious covers. Haven't had the otherwordly opportunity to touch the magazine yet as it doesn't fit our small-town-world but if every page smells as good as the first ones, it might be worth to put on the coffee-table. And, hell, that sig of hers rocks but can't believe half of this article is only credits. Let's binge a bit, then.


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