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Shows are over and we went back to looking at agencies websites. Swimming in this big sea, sailing against the wind (when available). Virtual trips from Latvia to Japan and from New Zealand to Argentina. Including Finland where we had the pleasing surprise to see how Brand Model Management has evolved over these last few years, in terms of roster and aesthetics. If the mastermind behind the boutique has always had his very own twist – say style – the look of the lovelies has gone from positively intriguing to full exciting, while some of Brand's finds have made their way towards international recognition. The obvious highlight is Aino, above, the definition of a classic beauty with a zest of fantasy, the multitasked model on board at the moment, branded (yeah) as a true ''National Treasure'' on the agency's frontpage. Wouldn't dare to disagree and couldn't have said better.





Second one to occupy our eyes (very literally) is Amanda Tutschek. Not even Finnish and far away from usual beauty standards there and everywhere. Also a classic with a big, big twist. We just spent the afternoon counting the freckles on her face and gave it up to concentrate on how wholesomely (neologisms are all the, our, rage along with gallicisms) gorgeous she is. If we were still painters, and we're still painters at heart, she'd be one of our artworks but she left no room for pencils, palettes and brushes – she is for real even if she seems beyond otherworldly while portrayed by Matias Jalmari. And, as we're just newfacing a bit tonight, there are a few more beauties to watch at Brand, including a redhead (always a bonus here) called Jessica that might also be made to ravish your eyes while both Verna and Zen deserve a glimpse too.

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