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Don't Make Us Blue 'cause the Sky Seems Grey





Seized in our eyes she is. And we'd love to fly with her nights and days. Because she's got wings and we'd love to borrow them one day or another, just to see if the world is less boring from above. She at least can turn Versace totally heavenly. One mile high will be enough. Shame we couldn't see more of her face but we can already collapse in delight while reading her body language. And it's not that often that we can cover a spirit without a face, may the latter be the most delightful of all. Somehow it says Teddy (Quinlivan, who else) goes straight to the point on some page of that Interview magazine spread. So let's get straight and gay too: next time you wanna reach some (G like Genius) or Q (like Quinlivan) point and say it clear(ly), don't forget we've got eyes for the eyes. By Chris Colls.

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