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The Somptuous Destiny of Grace Hartzel






Featured on FDIB at the very beginning of her career, Grace Hartzel is pretty unstoppable lately (while we remain pretty loyal). It sounds so basic to say yet we wouldn't find better words to describe her flight path since she took off. Jumping easy-easy from UK or US Vogue to Garage and i-D, already a darling of Vogue Russia and Self Service, she also counts among the rare wizards that would make us love some Teen Vogue spread or an ad campaign (and you may have noticed we're usually not thrilled by campaigns in general). Our pick is taken from the american edition of Vogue (call her a regular contributor), captured by Mikael Jansson – a great model/photographer combo – among butterflies, baby monkeys and parrots. If the magazine is often seen as unadventurous and this jungle story isn't going to deny the classical style of it and bears the stamp of its aesthetics, it is exactly what we love to see from this publication: safe, perhaps, but definitely high-end and sophisticated, starring the model that can actually embody the character involved in the plot. Or to put it simple: simply beautiful.

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