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Never Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater





Just the morning we were complaining about the lack of Lindsey Wixson in magazines today – too many high-end catalogues yet to few more 'daring' editorial stuff – came the cover and story from ODDA Magazine, a bi-annual publication that had to steal our heart this week for its relevant choice. The theme of this tenth issue is Tribute and it was about time we pay ours to this game-changer who brought back the fun mood in fashion modeling. First noticed for this uncanny mouth of hers (and overall unique features), she has quickly gained more attention as her printwork started being released. A couple years later, her high fashion book is still one of the most flawless portfolios around and unlike several other models with such a strong signature, it's pretty difficult to get tired of her smiles (even hard to try to). Innocent or impish or both on the same picture, her playful style strikes again in this story told by photographer Michael Donovan, another lucky one who had a chance to walk his camera around the baby-faced icon from Wichita (couldn't resist, her name and hometown are so much associated in our minds since she took the world by storm).

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