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A Cheeky Chick on a Chic Trip



Fasten your seatbelts, she's ready to make it expensive – exactly her main skill. Life is as fun and unpredictable as being attacked by a chihuahua on your way to the supermarket, and so is also Leila Goldkuhl's career: impossible to guess where she'll pop up next but always delightful to see the outcome. From pure beauty headshots to tonge-in-cheek situations, she works everything out so far. With this heartmelting expression on her face that seems to say: ''I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened this way''. Just like these recent pieces from Modern Weekly by Shxpir. She knows glamour, she stays natural, she ends up naturally glamorous.



The trip goes on. Different atmosphere, theme, background and glossy paper. Tastes like America dreamt by german singers. And it takes a Goldkuhl to make a cheeseburger look fashionable, desirable, sensual. Well, sexier than hotpants. And the story she stars in is the ultimate proof Carine Roitfeld hasn't lost all her mojo (just like some bitter tongues are whispering lately) with her CR Fashion Book and we're happy to publish a second article including some outtakes. The whole bunch of fierce ladies involved in this series (by Felix Cooper) would be worth a note but as the heroin of the evening is Leila alone, let's stick to the ones she graces.

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