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Les Enfants Terribles




Two of our favorites, two we witnessed growing and going up are now invincible, unstoppable their own way. Either cartoon heroins or beauty queens, boudary pushers in all they do or touch. Namely Kadri Vahersalu (above) and Charlotte Tomas(zewska). The teenage queenies who gave us so much hopes are now shooting full-force and non-stop. The gorgeous girls with guts never need any agreement to give us the shock and delight pushing us to take the pen off the desk and write. They know no comfort zone, they don't allow you to know one as well. They perform or just stand in front of the camera and give to it more than the one behind would ever expect in his wildest dreams.




They are the ones we believed in against all odds, deaf to all voices shouting another song. We sang their melodies as we trusted in their future, we knew something was pushing them towards the neat heights. And then the hungry babies have turned into versatile women, accomplished models, charming chameleons.

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