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Love is a lie, well, love is a total mess, but that's no good reason not to tap into it. In the total secrets of our so-called loneliness, we see a lot of photographs, pictures of all kinds, and fall in love once, twice, thrice (fource?) a day. This time our multi-broken hearts fell for Aamito Lagum's latest editorial gig, namely for The Edit and duely photographed by Julia Noni. A treat for the eye and its half, a delight for the brain and the most beautiful heart-attack we could ever die by. Carefree expressions can breed, and breed well, high emotions and looking at that stuff we feel like sailing on stormy oceans, in the better way possible. Busy, overbooked and halfway to burnout perks but still in for the chill, still up for the greatness and here it seems to be.

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