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Love Still Lives Here Anymore






We were looking for this from the moment we saw her cover on. The most mysterious model of her era finally scores an editorial that suits her beauty the right way (well, german Harper's has done it too but that's way too light and we dislike being that underwhelmed). Sam Rollinson has that little thing able to create a big storm inside your brain, out of a lonely rainbow, seems so easy to say yet remains pretty unique when you think of it. Oxy-love we have for her, oxy-brains she leaves behind – we said mysterious and mean it full-force. What sets her apart from the rest of the modeling world is exactly this, she gives you the taste, the tease, to know more, see more. Quite rare and genuinely precious, Heaven must be missing an angel. She's a piano while beatboxes are all the rage. Life is a beau voyage, whoah. Yodl. By Aitken Jolly for Glass. And Sam, you're the loveliest living work of art.

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