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Where a bit like Paul and Joe, except that neither Paul nor Joe does actually exist and we do, even if we are bloody twisted chameleons – sometimes we dance to remember, sometimes to forget (thank you, the ones soaring above and around). On blue days we feel like repeating ourselves, on blue-skyed ones we feel like sharing our tastes, full flavors on. So, Sam (Rollinson, who else) is back again on our page and shows an unknown side of her beauty in Harper's Bazaar (Korea), captured playing with plants by Nick Hudson. White walls, white brows and brewing beauty are all made to create a strange feeling sweetly swimming through our veins, from our eyes (or arms) straight to the brain... Peonies, peacocks, Peabodies, peanuts and still, Rumpelstiltskin, Sam hits us with a charming soft shock with each new editorial released these days. Hence the so soon, so good, and the soonest the best (were going to say the sooner the better but wasn't tough enough).

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