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Strawberries and Elevators

nina hagen ha

She was the ghost from the lift when we were kids, she is the fantasies of our late evenings now. She is no model but is more relevant as a model than Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer together on a Vogue cover. She is... Nina Hagen and we had to look twice before realizing she was really she, when had a first look at the cover, thought at early sight she may be another nameless face painted in Nina before looking twice and no doubt was possible: this is the real, the unique, the unmistakable Miss Hagen. And the entire issue sounds as great as the cover looks – including an interview (in Interview, how bright is that repetition) with Pilati. We'd love him to bring back a few strawberry pajamas into the current fashion mix, when showtimes hits us. And there is probably much more to enjoy inside as the mag has been a highlight of our ciggie-trips to Germany, recently (the right delight between fried fish, fancy-flavored crisps and strange pizzas!). By Benjamin Huseby.

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