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Cosmetic Girl, In Our Mind, So Hard to Find – Abbey Lee's Beautiful Ker-Show




No, you're not (a cosmetic-lady but you're in our mind[s] for sure)... forgot, had to forget too, hey there, but we're still around, the radar's on, the lights too, the car – let's see, but, in case, it might be up for a ride. Still up for motel tours and highway supérettes we couldn't ignore. A slice of cheddar for the road (and eggs, please, eggs, and veggie bacon) and a big slice of chocolate to sleep by. No matter if we're attacked by raindrops or sandstorms, we do absolutely love the smell of latex kissing asphalt, the miles eaten by the gasoline-hungry beast that pulls us from place A to point B. And on that way to a fantasized nowhere, we found a face to care – about or for. Hell yeah, hell, hey, hello...huh... sunshine, and so on when clouds flee by. Abbey Lee Kershaw by Terry Richardson for i-D, it's been a long while or, if not, it's a fierce first.

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