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Coming into Blossom



After a turbulent week, especially last friday leaving us with a kind of flu and a lot of blue, we're glad to renew with quiet times and a sounder way of life. Saw the trees in bloom, light pink tiny flowers, petals in the wind, and our fever stopping reigning supreme – almost wanted to cry when we saw spring fighting against this slightly colder morning (tears of a sudden joy). And while we're digressing gently with these botanical stories, why not start today with another flower, also blossoming and for the very best. Imaan Hammam continues her rise and is probably the one gathering the most complete collection of high-end works these days. Just as her story in current issue of Vogue Paris, shot by Mario Testino, above.

vogue italia demarchelier

vogue italia demarchelier2

But it doesn't stop with one Vogue gig, far from it (and if the french edition of the magazine rencently went through highs and lows – seems quality is striking back, though, despite our mixed feelings towards the cover). Imaan's Vogue record also counts sheets from the US edition and another one above by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Italia including one of the covers' foldouts. Slipping away from the best-known fashion magazine now, she also graces the pages of i-D's summer issue, together with other lovelies including another (already) all-time favorite of ours, Damaris Goddrie. Besides those we named or featured here, the quality of Imaan's previous work would rank from impeccable to epic, just as the last piece we wrote a few weeks ago on her WSJ story. And when you put all this together, you can only expect the blooming young woman to keep shining and climing.

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