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Shine a Night in the Light





We just let the curtain fall at noon to spend the rest of the day in a certain kind of addictive darkness, eating industrial pizzas and homemade scones (both taste way better when the sun is away) and brainstorming – well, it did not take that long before our topic of thursday arrived on the desk. No big surprise, it's going to be Katie Moore (again, again, again), as we're just not about to get enough of fashion's freshest firefly. And, after promising you'd hear more of her when showtime was over, we're now able to illustrate, properly saying, our expectations with editorial materials. First Steven Klein's story and here comes a beauty edit from Vogue Nippon (newest number) by Sophie Delaporte (wish we could write more often on her work). We already knew (or guessed) Katie could shine even in the darkest night of every shade of pink, red and orange, we get to understand today she also handles with care and comfort any kind of color from grasslike green to some deeper blue via warmer tones. And we couldn't not share the magazine's point of view on third picture: she looks so adorable, so kissable, and that's no lipstick-lie.

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