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Mad (about) Manning


Don't think we were on holidays (oh, holidays) or, even worse, we gave it up. We were simply busy drawing, painting and painting again. All in all, it's pretty much the same job as picking pics for FDIB – it's all about understanding faces, capturing beauty, feeling thrilled by what we see and being able to translate it our way, may it be through words, lines or colors, thank to a keyboard or a pencil. But remaining almost sleepless in front of extra-thick sheets of paper didn't stop us from thinking of who's next, who's the one we want to have here as soon as some text is ready. And the answer tonight is called Mad Manning. Just as lovely as the melody of her name.




Found about her as late as yesterday but she's already a Vuitton favorite. Maybe we saw her and labeled her too young (or more exactly too young-looking as we have no clue on how old she is) and we keep thinking she still has time to pave her way with the finest materials at her own rythm, yet her recent work definitely deserves our words and better now than never (or later for that matter). Thank to these lovely photographs from i-D, we became aware of this incredible talent of hers only begging to express. In black and white and shades of grey or natural colors and lighting for Karim Sadli, directed by Alastair McKimm, she seems like a fish to water in those leather clothes creating a very different atmosphere from usual punkish, rockish, rebel, blah-blah-stuff with these moody pouts and a slice of innocence. Tender and terrific, you get the combo, girl! And just as if this wouldn't be enough to justify a feature, she appears to appear in the main editorial of newest Vogue Italia, by Steven Meisel. Some surprises are pure sugar for the eyes and fuel to the heart.

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