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Redheads & Bedheads


More than a full decade ago, for artistic purposes, we started growing a passion for red-haired models as portraits of redheads were our main topic while painting. Hence our relentless quest for young ladies with copper locks and special features – some combination that was way easier to find on a model agency's webpage than in any magazine, book or at the grocery next door. From strawberry-blondes to the darkest auburn beauties, from naturally ginger-haired and freckly-faced lovelies to much-hyped gals who just had their look seasoned by flashy, flamy makeover, every shade of red appeared immediately on our radar. And that's how our project as painters has become a regular FDIB featre, almost a gimmick – at some point, we had agencies sending us materials of their newest redheads in town with the mention ''we know you'll like her''.






From Lily Cole's golden years (she went through bland and blonde, black and blue since, before embracing her signature color again) to the spiced-up babies of the season Katie Moore and Olga Afanasyeva, timeless beauties like Lorna Foran or our latest auburn darling Teddy Quinlivan, we've always loved paiting it red. And everytime it's with the same huge pleasure that we introduce the newest generation (or even the next one) of models bearing the coveted hair hues. Following our double-entry on Madison Stubbington is a bunch of youthful Swedes sharing an editorial for Sleek Magazine shot by Jasmin Storch, namely Isabell Thorell (the lighter) and Thea Arvidsson (the brighter), both from Elite along with Matilde (Mikas) and Julia (Stockholmsgruppen) on the group picture far above.

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