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Better be the Lovely Leaflet than the Boring Book



While FDIB used to be our daily commitment during half a decade, from it's babbling debuts to that four-and-a-half-year hiatus, now, nearly ten years after we had this wicked idea of starting this venture, we feel the rythm has changed, our peception of our page as a media has evolved. First because we have our personal lives and loves, projects and problems, and our entire world couldn't be limited to FDIB. Then, the world outside isn't exactly the same, the internet rules and habits are different. How relevant would be three items a day (and this include editorial choice, analysis, writing, promoting) when all goes as fast as Twitter or Instragram, when all goes too fast for the love of images and words at our past pace.



We still enjoy blogging – both doing it and reading what others have to show or say. Like it when some fellow online art and beauty enthusiast throws ten posts per day with no piece of writing yet still proposes an insightful text every now and then. We hate unnecessary blurbs and love people having a point, creating their aesthetics, being inspired and inspiring. We'd love to be that ourselves and that's why you won't read as much as before but still can enjoy a single digital picture of a (rather) new face on our Facebook page. We don't feel the heat or the need to drop notes on heights, agency placements, crazy (more or less) irrelevant expectations that end up all sounding similar. That would be useless to our stubborn bunch of hardcore readers and a gross task to us. And we're pretty bad at business, we've never been wannabe insiders even if we used to swim with some big fishes (including a couple sharks) and drink with the pros twice a year at least.



We're passionate persons and that's who we aim to remain, desperately or delightfully, as gently as fiercely. Here is just today's inspiration to go with that embryo of manifesto (brought to virtual life by chance or mistake). That's no policy, no prophecy, no philosophy and totally out of schedule, just timeless as the appeal of Vanina Sorrenti's photography. Published in 10 Magazine and styled be Sophia Neophitou, spiced up by an unpredicable (and timeless, again) team of models: Ming Xi, Yumi Lambert, Maria Borges, Lily Donaldson.

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