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No Time for Beanpoles!




She surely is no giraffe but shouldn't face too many issues to touch the sky. Lina Stensjø Simonsen is the sensation of this ending week after making a remarkable (and noticed) appearance on Gucci's runway. And competition was there too: many of the models walking the show were rather new and quality was... literally walking along them. But Lina stood out from the gorgeous crowd and could be spotted backstage on pictures worth editorial pages. Talking about printwork, the most heartbreaking hearbreaker of the moment (since she's repped by Heatbreak Models, Norway) can rely on a couple goldchips in her portfolio to keep on impressing beyond the catwalk. From local testshots and tearsheets to these marvels showcased here, stolen with love from Another Magazine's latest issue, captured by Robi Rodriguez and crafted by Lotta Volkova. Little Lina's got the look that would overshadow the highest skyscraper, no less.

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