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Let's String Together



We've always been fond of photographer/model combos that work as if both were born to collaborate together, especially those that are less obvious or less expected than Meisel and Viktoriya or Jansson and Daria. Unique creative connections for one day or a lifetime resulting in fashion bedtime stories handmade with love to get ready for the sweetest dreams – think of Chadwick Tyler with Ashley Smith or Ali Michael, David Sims with Alexandra Tomlinson for Vogue Paris, nearly ten years ago but hard to remove from visual memories. It's not everytime made of groundbreaking innovations in terms of photography or modeling, not necessarily the most original images you've ever seen. It's often, first of all, a matter of feeling. Something that oozes, something you perceive and can hardly explain.





On one hand is Thanassis Krikis, photographer who enjoyed the perks of being a fashion designer then editor before handling the camera and who regularly contributes to these less-coveted-than-Vogue publications we more than often enjoy much higher (various editions of Numéro, Marie-Claire and Harper's Bazaar, Ozon etc.). On the other is an up-and-coming model, Eva Klimkova; enrolled in fashion via the Elite contest (at its highest levels). For those who had the chance to witness Klimkova's first steps and professional evolution, her strengths as a model were quite clear from day one – a natural beauty, naturally poised and elegant. Perhaps that's exactly where Krikis shoots and scores: kicking her out of her shell (it's still too early to talk about comfort zone). Eva by Thanassis steps away from the still image of flawless poise and understated beauty. It's time to raise the flag, even when it's down to black and white, time to spread around some vivid and viral emotions, to unveil, to reveal. Maybe their two roads won't cross again but since our eyes got caught by Strings, the story from Schön! Magazine featured here (styled by Kay Korsh), we may look at its main characters work differently from now on.

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